Thursday, July 29, 2010

UR MY TIMMY!!!!!! :P

:) I MISS YOU!!!!
ur absolutely amazing,
extremely irresistable,
ur super awesome,
cute and hott,
ur so caring and very difficult,
u think alot and seem to still believe ur problems are stupid when THERE NOT!!!
i love ur rebellion to water,its funny
i love ur eye's, especially in the sun
i love that ur the ONLY guy who can...touch my neck and make me completely stop thinking,
i love that one smile u have when ur thinking and i smile at u and u smile back,
i love when u look straight in my eye's and tell me love me,
i love that one certain way u hug me..when ur kinda worryed about me,
i love when you goof off with me and u think u have me by tickling me but i get u back,
i worry about u alot and scare myself sometimes......
i dont like when were apart,
i dont like when i cant kiss u,
i dont like wednesdays,
i dont like ur job,
i dont like that u feel like ur hurting me when u dont bite my neck,
i absolutely HATE when ur not ok or when ur sad,hurt,mad,
U make ME HAPPY!!!

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