Wednesday, June 30, 2010

YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!! ;)

i love the way you hug me
hold me close
i love the way you make me feel special
say the sweetest things
i love the way you make me smile
omg...i absolutely love your smile
it kills
your always the first thing that comes to my mind
your so amazing
i love talking to you
i love being around you
you make me happy

Thursday, June 24, 2010


so much spinning in my mind
seems like i keep pushing the rewind button
no matter how bad i want to press fast forward
i cant figure out if im growning stronger or weaker
if im gaining or loosing
i just keep getting dizzy and everything becomes fuzzy
i want to be "crystal" clear
when the answers are right in front of me
i want to see them
when things get tough
i want to be stronger
when im beng lied to
i want to see the truth
ill be there one day....i hope