Saturday, July 17, 2010

my favorite day with timmy

it started out pouring rain and me running to your car,
then on our way to gas station,
where we kissed in tha car...with little kids staring at us lol,
that kiss made me tingle...
then on our way to longcane access,
learned there was a redlight at certain spot,
where you tryed tickeling me while driving AND while i tryed to drink my monster,
then it took u about 5-10mins to find a spot,
and ended up at "our" spot,
herd some weird noises....sooo we got out of car and grabbed your blanket,
after you tryed a firework......,
then headed down to "our" uncomforable table,
layed out blanket,
started out with you sitting on table with me on bench...then my knees started hurting lol,
so you kinda pulled me up to sit next to you,
we kissed...then you just had to start tickling me!! :)
then some how we ended up laying down on the table,
took a while to get comfy,
we talked...laughed...kissed...tickled,
then i wished it would start raining,
u said...i think you wish is about to come true,
it started raining...,
you were over me holding me,
we were looking into each others eyes,
while the rain was soaking us and it hitting my face,
we started kissing,but then u switched us so that i was over you,
that way the rain wasnt hitting me in the face, but it was on you,
you could barley keep your eyes open....,
and i put my hands around your eyes so could see your eyes
we kissed...and kissed.....and i took my hands across your neck
and accidentally hit your ears...............
your reaction kinda scared me....
but we kept on
with kissing,teasing,"cheating",just spending an amazing time together
then somehow we were in a different position and we were completely soaked
and you took off your shirt...heh
then at some point you took mine off..
it kinda seemed to be romantic...
i love when your hand touches my skin
it makes me tingle sometimes....
i love when we kiss...
it makes me forget everything...
i love when you hold me..
grrr....ok back to our day,
we kept switching around...
everytime we kissed i almost
....eventually it stopped raining
(fuck...:( i cant remember...i think i just need sleep)

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