Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FUCK...mood swtiches/and topic does

damn it...
i freak over the stupidest things!!
or things that i shouldnt care or worry bout!!
2day was horrible
i realzied i had a friend who hates me?!
so fuck tryin to be her friend, but it was my fault!!
i always hurt someone or loose someone
over my stupidness
why do i do this to myself??!!
i always put myself down,
or think about something way to much,
or take something the wrong way
fuck....i was doing so good
the best thing in the world loves me and im acting like this??!!!
oh stupid can i get??!!
but i feel like why would anyone wanna love,care about,or wanna be with
someone like me?!
who puts her self down,and feels like she cant make the person
who she loves and means the most to her
happy and be glad that im his?!
not matter how hard i try....
i shouldnt be acting like this
fuck...i hate that all this shit runs in my family. :(
i kno im better than this, but i cant seem find her
i want him beside me and holding me every second of the day
because he makes me
happy,feel safe,and like im so much more than wat i see in the mirror
makes me feel loved,cared,and needed for once in my life
i need closure to the old me,and my old habits.
im not that person,i want you to not have to deal
with my random break downs....
i love you with all my heart
you completely deserve to be 100% happy
i dont give a fuck of wat anyone says or if u think u do dont
you do,your amazing,ur problems are NOT stupid, and
im always here...even when you dont need me
i not going any where and im never going to get bored,or watever
the hell else you think, with you
i miss you....
(some how i start with hating and hurting to completely caring and loving)
im sooo weird and a psycho xP

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