Wednesday, August 4, 2010

why the hell am i writing about u?!

u randomly send me a message on facebook sayin
so u and timmy huh?
and im like yea...ha (knowing u already knew we were together)
so i decide lets talk so we went on IM and u start
asking me questions.....and i ask u a question..u said no.
idk..just kinda felt like i was missing something
ugh...i try to be ur friend
i told u something really personal
and so did u....
i told u how is kinda jealous of u
and i asked u a question
and u got kinda snappy with me
and i told u i didnt mean anything by it
then we were ok and all
but u still erck me sometimes
my friend says ur territorial....-_-
i kno ur very protective of him
but ur not the only one!!!! :/
and then i told u how he might not hang out with JUST u
cause of my friends and my stupidness
and u freaked out!!
i apologized like 10 times!
and i told u i didnt mean for that to happen
and that i was trying to fix it....
now ur not even texting
eh....watever!! :P so fucking pathetic sometimes. lol

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