Sunday, August 29, 2010


u kno that feeling u get?
like when u feel completely happy,
like ur life is just absolutely amazing....
then that one little thought fucks it up?
yea...i hate that.
then, what about that one day
thats just awesome!!!
and when u go back home...
its just competely dies.
i hate that to...
why does it seem that pple arent allowed to be happy?
we ask our selfs that day in and day out.
we take the blame for others, because we think it will help.
we make our selfs not happy.
we keep the thoughts and bothers closer than what makes us happy.
and it seems like everytime things go good, it always seems to come crashing down.
pple put them selfs down more than what goes on around.
it will never be solved...
life is like a never ending puzzle...
u keep getting all the pieces but as soon as u find where a piece goes
the puzzles grows bigger. haha..

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